Hawaiian style marinated raw fish

Let’s take a little break and think of quiet beaches, lush nature, sun-filled moments and rest. Hawaii. More precisely the Island of Kauai, its magnificent North shore, its delicious, fresh and crunchy fish. We were very fortunate this Summer to be able to spend some time on this generous and gorgeous Island. There, I learned this recipe of a local dish from a sweet lady at a family shop called “Pono Market”.

Hawaii offers a cuisine as International as its sister states, however local flavors are also a fusion of multiple cuisines. A little bit of history. It was first settled by Polynesians, then visited by Spanish Explorers, then officially “discovered” in 1778 by the English explorer Captain James Cook. He brought to the island new animals and plants that changed the traditional polynesian cooking. Once the sugar plantations began to flourish, a substantial number of Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Puerto Ricans, Portuguese and Filipinos arrived in the islands. Each of these groups of new settlers played their role in shaping the local cuisine by influencing the choices of crops on the plantations and by demanding their own foods at plantation stores.

Now, if you are in Kauai looking for fresh fish, you can find treasures at the Hanalei Dolphin Fish Market on the North Shore. As its name indicates, the market is close the the Hanalei Bay, one of my favorite beaches surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, palm trees and traditional residences. The town of Hanalei is a colorful, busy, welcoming place with plenty of local and international shops, restaurants, cafes (our favorite : Java Kai) and other smothie and fresh fruit juice trucks. We did stop there often for a break before our next adventure on the island.

Back to this dish : we make it whenever we don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen and our favorite local market has inspiring new arrivals. You can use different types of fishes. I have tried Ahi Tuna, Sea Bass, Yellow Tail. I always ask for sashimi type of fish at the market. It takes approximately ten minutes to prepares it and it tastes like vacation.

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