Welcome to Papillotes.
This blog is about celebrating food, its fragrances, its flavors and its colors. It is also about cooking with delight and sharing ideas of simple, wholesome and rewarding meals.
My name is Marija Vidal. I am a European expatriate living in the Bay Area, the mother of a toddler and a photographer.
Papillotes is a blank canvas for my culinary adventures and a privileged place for exchanging stories about food.
The recipes are highly influenced by two ubiquitous elements in my life : motherhood and photography. My cooking rhymes with care and playfulness. Loulou’s spontaneity, sincere curiosity and enthusiasm are my main sources of inspiration. Choosing with care what I put on her plate is another. Loulou thrives on simple, colorful and diverse meals that I prepare mindfully, as I strive to strike a balance between a strict healthy diet and our family’s gluttonous desire for a less healthy one. I tend to use organic fruits and vegetables and to buy them in season. Most of the time. And then I will indulge in an orange “fondant” cake in January.
As a photographer, I think of the gorgeousness of food as the first pleasure of a meal experience. I prepare, style and photograph all the food in this blog – unless otherwise specified. All images are copyrighted.
Please make yourself at home and do not hesitate to share and comment freely. I am looking forward to reading you.