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Peach, Prune and Ginger Clafoutis

Cherries are among my very favorite fruits in summer. Something about their crunchiness, their color, their smell, and also the fact that you can eat them straight one after the other, in oblivious bliss, until you discover the mountain of pits lying on the plate. I tend to buy humongous amounts of these juicy jewels each time I go to the market. I gorge on them raw and I use the rest to bake. As it turns out, there are now two of us in this home who share the same passion for cherries.

As I was preparing to bake a cherry “clafoutis”, which is a classic French dessert, I started leafing through various recipes in my books. The bowl of cherries was sitting next to me and Loulou, who was drawing a “portrait” of her papa. Long story short, the cherries were gone before I knew it and my cherry clafoutis plans disappeared with the fruit. That’s when the plums and peaches lying in the basket drew my attention. Time to be creative and come up with a variation on the traditional recipe!

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